The Irezumi Tattoo Training Academy is a workshop of sorts for designers, artists, and really anyone from any walk of life looking for an exotic and lucrative profession. Started as a learning arm of Irezumi Tattoos, we leverage the expertise of over 14 years in the field, and 50000+ tattoo applications, to offer our students hands-on experience at our bustling studio in Chennai.

Our flexible learning modules are designed to accommodate the needs of every able student. From different levels of courses to student-friendly timings, we offer an environment where everyone can learn at their own pace. We are proud to say that we have had apprentices and students come to us from all over the world, including Norway, Italy, Germany, and more, all of whom have gone on to be successful artists or started their own studios.


The certified artists at Irezumi have a rich background in tattooing, and distinctive styles. From tribal to realistic portraits, you’ll learn from the best of the


 Our expansive studios in Chennai offer the perfect ambience for learning. With all the materials for learning provided, and easy access to the studio, you can learn by seeing & doing.


Beginner Course

Learn how to choose an appropriate design based on your client’s requirements, offer ideas on tattoo placement, print and stencil simple designs such as lettering, small line designs, symmetric and asymmetric tribal art, and more. The combination of theory, demo experience, and actual inking lessons are the perfect start for anyone looking to dabble in tattooing. Cost: INR 30,000/-

Testing the waters

Intermediate Course

Starting with the basics, we delve into the various techniques of tattooing, sketching intricate designs, practicing on fake skin and finally hands-on experience in the studio. Working with colors, dotwork, and shading techniques, are just a few of the things you will learn on this course. As an apprentice of the studio, you will also have access to our experienced artists whom you can watch and learn from. Cost: INR 75,000/- .

Break the mould

Advanced Course

From international opportunities, to building a business, this course will equip you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge you will need to become a famed name in the industry. In addition to the basics and a wide range of techniques, we will also show you how to create portraits, watercolour designs, and photorealistic tattoos. From working with digital art applications and editing images to suit a tattoo application, to working with fake skin and then real skin, you will learn the entire gamut of skills it takes to be a professional tattoo artist. You can build an amazing portfolio of tattoos to take to another studio, or learn the ropes to start your own studio. Cost: INR 1,50,000/- .

Master of your fate

Boarding & Lodging will be provided for students from out of town on extra cost