Do you wanna tattoo?

I don’t mean do you want to get one; do you want to do one? Okay, then, you’ve come to the right place!

Irezumi – Chennai’s First Professional Tattoo Studio is now opening the doors of its Tattoo Academy to aspiring artists. Internationally certified trainers will help you on your journey in becoming the best tattoo artist that you could be. Ever since Irezumi commenced in 2006, we’ve had visiting artists and apprentices from Italy, Germany, Australia, Cyprus, Norway, Thailand, Tibet, and Nepal who have tremendously enriched the tattoo learning experience.

Our courses will offer basic theory but will mostly focus on hands-on training. After all, you’re going to be working on pieces of art – but not on canvas! So, while we share our trade secrets with you, you’ll also learn how to operate using the safest and most hygienic standards in tattooing. And if you make the grade, we ourselves will assist you in setting up your own tattoo studio and train you to run it successfully.

What We Offer

There are 3 types of courses available:

1.      A Basic 2-week course – for those who want to learn tattooing as a hobby or just want to try their hands at something new

2.      An Intermediate 3-week course – for those aspiring to get jobs as tattoo artists

3.      An Advanced 5-week course – for those serious enough to take up tattooing as a profession

Certificates will be given on completion of a course and on meeting high work standards.

The tattoo business is one of the fastest growing  businesses in today’s world. From experience we know that there’s great scope in small and big cities alike. Several tattoo artists emerge everyday but very few genuinely make it in the trade. Irezumi has been at No.1 position in Chennai & Best Tattoo Training Institute in Bangalore for more than 12 years, and we believe this has been possible due to our skill and strong work ethics. So, come, join us. You’ll be learning from the best.