Microblading In Chennai

Do you want to wake up with perfect eyebrows one magical day? Do you deeply desire to have those perfect eyebrows that your favorite actor has, which is perfect in shape, size and colour. Don’t just dream of that, at Irezumi, all of that and much more is possible now! So, if you are searching for Microblading In Chennai, then we are your only one stop destination. We are undoubtedly Chennai’s most preferred and trusted Microblading services center with 14+ years of professional expertise, serving lakhs of happy customers and earning their trust and love. We have a dedicated team of expert microblading professionals who have a keen passion for all things about tattooing, art, design, experimentation and more! We love to see a new, confident and happy you!


Microblading is just for everyone, whether you have thin eyebrows or even thick ones, microblading can beautifully enhance your eyebrows and give you an absolutely stunning look! Therefore you don’t have to worry anymore about your thin, sparse or shapeless eyebrows! With Irezumi you can get your desired eyebrows at a super affordable cost. You don’t have to spend long hours in the mirror now, tweezing the last bit of your hair, which is painful, cumbersome and time consuming. Nor do you have to frequently visit beauty parlours every now and then to book appointments for your eyebrow threading. In simple words, microblading can be put as a semi permanent form of brow tattooing, which is convenient, budget friendly and efficient. You don’t have to be too doubtful or anxious of the microblading process, because we make sure that the entire procedure is safe, hygienic and irritation free.

Our customers are super happy seeing how realistic and beautiful their eyebrows now look. Do you also want the same feeling? Then hop on with us! Because we have consistently been ranking as one of the Best Tattoo Shop In Chennai. For all our services like Tattoo Removal In Chennai, Tattoo Training In Chennai and much more, we make use of the best tattoo equipment that are sanitized, clean and are only used for a single time. Our microblading professionals carefully take care of your requirements to give you the best personalised tattoo services. We understand the industry deeply, and we have constantly evolved to make ourselves versatile, dynamic and proficient. You are most welcome to our studio, we are more than pleased to have you on board with us! Before taking any of our services you can talk to our tattoo professionals for one on one consultations and get your qualms and queries sorted. What’s more? Get a chance to flaunt your beautiful eyebrows and look fabulous in all your selfies!