Tattoos are a beautiful way to express your thoughts, feelings, expressions and experiences. But there is nothing more regretting than an unwanted tattoo marked on your skin forever. When you want to get rid of that particular feeling or experience, and that very tattoo reminds you of the same or perhaps you just feel that your tattoo is not aesthetic enough. Whatever be the reason, you don’t have to worry about your tattoo removal anymore! At Irezumi, the leading Tattoo Removal Shop In Chennai, we efficiently remove your tattoo, leaving your skin free from all that ink. 


Most of the tattoo removal procedures are done by the use of laser machines over multiple sittings spaced about a month apart. Since all the tattoo pigments contain a certain light absorbing spectra, a laser can thus emit a sufficient amount of light inside the absorption spectrum of the pigment and erase the tattoo on your skin effectively. The entire process for removing a tattoo is simple. Certain pre and post-treatment measures must be strictly followed throughout each and every session. Our expert tattoo removal professionals will prepare your skin for the tattoo removal process and take all the essential safety steps. Later on, the laser machine will be placed above your tattoo for some time until the laser has grazed your tattoo.

You can have a one to one consultation call with our in house professional tattoo remover, who are well trained and certified and will get all your qualms and queries sorted at the earliest. At our tattoo studio, we firmly adhere to ethical and sustainable practices and prioritize our customer’s safety, security and satisfaction like no one else. Over the years we have diligently worked on our customer feedback and have improved our services that are tailor made to best suit your needs. Get your tattoo removed hassle free at our studio and set your beautiful skin ink free again!

Irezumi offers a modest Tattoo Removal Cost In Chennai that is worth your money and time. The important factors that determine the cost of your tattoo removal are tattoo size, tattoo colour, skin tone, ink type, tattoo quality, age and location of the tattoo.

Having been the Best Tattoo Studio In Chennai for several consecutive years and gaining the trust of lakhs of customers for 14 long years, we deeply understand your requirements and expectations thoroughly! Apart from specializing in tattoo designing and removal services, we also offer professional Microblading In Chennai by our leading experts. If you are aspiring to become a professional tattoo artist in Chennai, then we offer one of the best Tattoo Courses In Chennai, where you can learn various methods and techniques of tattoo art and designs and execute them like a pro! For more details regarding any of our services feel free to contact us today.