Tattoo Training Institute In Chennai

Are you an aspiring tattoo artist? Do you love to experiment with new tattoo designs? Then welcome to Irezumi, one of the leading Tattoo Removal Shop in Chennai. We offer a comprehensive tattoo training course at an affordable price. Our professional tattoo trainers have proficient expertise in tattoo training for 14 long years. We have trained innumerous students over the years and made them successful professional tattoo artists. We are extremely passionate towards imparting the best industry trends and practices to equip you with the latest knowledge in the method of tattoo art and designing. No matter what your age or background is, all you need is love for tattoo designing to be a great tattoo artist. At Irezumi we help thousands of people like you realise their dreams of becoming a tattoo artist in Chennai.


Being one of the Best Tattoo Studio In Chennai, we understand your needs, requirements and expectations really well. Over the years we have strived hard to maintain the best quality service till date. We carefully customise our tattoo training course for you to enhance better understanding of several concepts like knowledge of ink, prepping the skin, tattoo designs, tattoo removal procedure and much more, under one single roof. With our intensive tattoo training course, you’ll get the best hands on experience, which is sure to make you ready for the tattoo industry. Embark your exciting career in the tattoo industry as a leading tattoo artist with our expert tattoo training professionals. Learn several distinctive styles of tattoo art from tribal art, bohemian art, realistic portraits to symbols and word design, there is no form of art design left uncovered by our experts.

All our trainers are extremely friendly and will help you to learn all the concepts from basic to advanced. We offer a conducive environment, where everyone can learn at their own pace and in their own style. Our learning modules are extremely flexible. We are proud to have international students from several countries like Italy, Germany, Norway and more, who have successfully started their own exclusive tattoo studios. Irezumi is also the best place to learn Tattoo Removal In Chennai, where you’ll learn the step by step process of removing the tattoo efficiently. If you are someone who’s also interested in Microblading In Chennai, then our studio provides professional microblading services at a nominal cost. Thus we are sincerely here to cater to your needs of fulfilling your dreams of becoming a successful and reputed tattoo artist, we believe in your dream and we believe in you. Step into this amazing world of tattoos and harness the lucrative options that this industry provides.